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The Lagerphones are a 6 piece Hot Jazz band from Australia, bringing a wild youthful energy to a traditional line up of Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Banjo, Double Bass and Drums. Playing everything from Louis Armstrong to The Offspring and beyond, the Melbourne based band are heading to Japan in September 2017 for the THIRD consecutive year to release their THIRD CD, a "Japan only" SPECIAL, SOU DESU NE!!!

The Lagerphones(ザ・ラガフォーンズ)はオーストラリアからきた6人組のホットなジャズバンド。クラリネット、トランペット、トロンボーン、バンジョー、ダブルベース、ドラムという伝統的な楽器のラインナップから生み出されるのは、一転ワイルドで若さに満ちたエネルギーである。楽曲はルイ・アームストロングからオフスプリングなどなど実に幅広い。

The Lagerphones are comprised of six of Australia's most diverse and versatile musicians who have played, recorded and toured alongside a veritable "who's who" of Australian musicians. Other than their three sell-out tours of Tokyo, band highlights include playing at the Melbourne and Sydney Jazz Festivals, and Wangaratta Jazz Festival.