ATARACD (あたらシーディー) new release Sep 2018, by The Lagerphones


The Lagerphones latest album, “ATARASHIDI“, is like a love song dedicated to the many great memories the band has of Japan. It is mostly made up of originals; instrumentals, songs about smashing tinies, stomps, some blues, a tango, and even songs with Japanese lyrics! 


The track "'moshi moshi' utilises quasi-Wagnerian harmony to express the throes of anxiety and thirst that often accompany Lagerphones' tours, as well as the pleasure of drinking in good company. "Your Smiling Eyes" is a tender love song, with echoes of Count Basie and Louis Armstrong, and is perfect for slow dancing. It even evokes slow dancing in one's imagination, perhaps with the partner of one's dreams. And the track “'Tins" is a sleazy, stompy homage to the kind of beer that comes in a can, and is a poetic tour de force of typical Lagerphonian values.


The Lagerphones recorded "Atarashidi" in a studio in the countryside, an hour and a half north of Melbourne. They spent the night there, and it was so quiet and peaceful that they slept like angels under a big yellow moon. In the middle of the recording, they had a big lunch together. Before and after the session they enjoyed the perfect smooth taste of Dassai. 


Available at all events in Tokyo!


『あたらシーディー』2018年9月ニューリリース by ラガフォーンズ 




収録曲「moshi moshi」は、仲間とのお酒の楽しみと同じくらいラガフォーンズのツアーにはつきものの、不安感や乾きを表すため、準ワグナーの曲調を取り入れています。「Your Smiling Eyes」は優しいラブソングで、カウント・ベイシーやルイ・アームストロングを彷彿とさせるスローダンスにぴったりの曲です。憧れのパートナーとのスローダンスを想像させてくれるかもしれません。そして「Tins」は、缶ビールに向けた気取らずストンプっぽいオマージュで、ラガフォーンズお得意の詩的な力作です。